Tuesday 6 November 2012

Why go visit a Spa?

Why do you believe more women are heading to the spa?

I know first-hand from talking to women who attend our events that more of them are recognizing the true health benefits that come from a day at the spa. While the whole “mind, body and spirit” philosophy sounds trite these days, it’s so true. The spa experience merges the healing power of touch with the peace of mind that comes from shutting off your digital connection to your obligations and responsibilities — even if just for a few hours. More and more women get that. They truly do emerge from a spa day with a renewed sense of gratitude and appreciation — and a glowing complexion and relaxed muscles to boot!

In your opinion, about what percentage go to spas for health- and wellness-related reasons?

In my non-scientific opinion, I would say 99 percent of people go to a spa with health and wellness at the forefront of their intentions. A decade ago, “going to the spa” was more of a mysterious place where only the wealthy flitted off to. Now, spas have become much more accepted as a place to clear your mind, care for your body and skin and spend time reconnecting in an intimate setting with friends or your spouse. Relaxation and wellness go hand in hand.

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Why it's important to Maintain A Positive MINDSET

Negative self talk and negative energy can affect you in many ways and cause you additional stress. 
Because of this, developing more positive self talk is an important way to reduce stress in your life. 
You can help yourself maintain a positive frame of mind—which will help with positive self-talk—by surrounding yourself with positive energy in your life. 
You can get that by adding the following elements to your life: 
uplifting music 
inspirational books 
positive people 
positive affirmations
quiet meditation
creating healthy goals
finding a mentor
seeking a spiritual relationship

Like the law of attraction, what you speak and believe will be.

Why Detox?

Why Detox

Here are a few questions to see if you need to detox and WHY you need to detox.

Simply answer yes or no to each question:
  • Do you live in the city?
  • Do you work in an office?
  • Do you use underground transportation?
  • Do you frequently walk, run or exercise along busy roads with traffic?
  • Do you regularly use a cell phone?
  • Do you regularly use a computer?
  • Do you live near high-voltage power lines, a nuclear or electrical power plant or cell phone towers?
  • Do you regularly smoke cigarettes or other substances?
  • Are you regularly exposed to second-hand smoke?
  • Do you frequently use recreational or prescriptions drugs and medications?
  • Do you drink alcohol on a daily basis, or binge-drink on the weekends or at other times?
  • Do you lead a sedentary lifestyle in which you do not exercise?
  • Do you catch more than three colds, flus and or viruses in an average year?
  • Do you have any mercury fillings in your teeth?
  • Do you drink on a daily basis any of the following: coffee, fizzy drinks, tap water, cows’ milk and or carbonated sodas?
  • Do you eat on a daily basis any of the following: sugar, sweets, chocolates, white bread, canned foods, frozen foods, microwaved foods, fried foods, meats, curred lunch meats, cookies, cakes?
  • Do you normally add white sugar or sugar substitutes to tea or coffee?
  • Do you regularly add salt to your food when cooking, or add salt when the dish arrives?
  • Is reading food labels for chemicals or preservatives before making selections irrelevant to you?

If you answered yes to more than 5 questions you should think about a cleanse today, detox seasonally throughout the year and consider changing some of your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits. For more info on detox and other healthy living habits please click this link.

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Learning to Eat Clean with Tosca Reno

I've recently been reading The Eat-Clean Diet by Tosca Reno and I'm so impressed with the facts she provides regarding our bodies and nutritional facts and how our bodies work to break down food.
This book is not about another fad diet but a lifestyle change, it teaches us how to eat clean foods to rev up our metabolism by eating more and how to look lean and feel fit by detoxing our body of replacing chemically processed foods with whole foods.
Tosca Reno offers a food plan for everyone; a Family Plan, Vegan Plan, Gluten Free Plan and an everyday Maintenance Plan. The recipes and food plan is easy to follow and very satisfying.
One of the many keys to success to this plan is eating a protein with a complex carbohydrate every 3 hours. Never feeling hungry and never craving junk! Well it works and I'm feeling great.
This book is a definite read in my library!!!! If you're looking to loose some winter fat and have that lean body for the summer I recommend The EAT-CLEAN Diet, you'll notice a difference within the first week.
Cheers to great health!


Wednesday 2 March 2011

Spa Parties for every occasion

We offer on location Spa Parties for groups as well as Home Spa Parites for Ladies special events and celebrations such as Birthday Parties (all ages), Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Parties and Diva nights.

Make any party a “SPA” party and celebrate your inner beauty while feeling great!

For larger groups/parties if needed we have available 3 Certified Estheticians, 3 Holistic Practitioners, 2 Certified & Registered Reflexologists and 2 Make Up Artists.

Available house call services; manicures, pedicures, facials, makeup application, foot & hand massages. 

To learn more about our in Spa services and pricing please visit www.holisticawakeningsdayspa.com 

Chakras and Bio-Energy

What can you do to keep your Chakras balance and your Bio-Energy Field charged?

*take 5 mins daily to breathe, rest and relax; restore calm in heart and mind
*learn a new meditation
*take up yoga or Pilates
*run or do some type of cardio 10 mins per day
*book yourself at least one energy therapy per month; chakra balancing, Reiki, Cranio-sacral therapy, *Therapeutic Touch, Aromatherapy, Reflexology
*take a Himalayan salt bath once a week
*never stay mad, committ to finding your resolve each and every day
*eat live food vs dead food; as much organic locally grown vegetables as possible

The Seven Major Chakra Centres and their corresponding Colour, Glands and Organs

7th Crown: White~Pineal~All Organs
6th Third Eye: Indigo~Pituitary~Brain
5th Throat: Turquoise~Thyroid~Larynx
4th Heart: Green~Thymus~Spleen (organ of vitality)
3rd Solar Plexus: Yellow~Pancreas~Stomach
2nd Sacral: Orange~Adrenal~Sex
1st Base: Red~Gonads~Kidney

What are basalt stones?

Hot Stone Massage
This ancient healing art is an effective way to create positive energy flow while deeply relaxing the body with naturally formed volcanic Basalt Stones.

What is Massage Therapy?
Massage Therapy is one of the fastest growing complimentary therapies today. Massage Therapy, according to The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario is “the assessment of the soft tissues and joints of the body and treatment or prevention of the physical dysfunction and pain of the soft tissues and joints by the manipulation to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function and/or relieve pain.”

Effects and Benefits of Massage Therapy?
As primary and rehabilitative care, massage therapy works directly to remove trauma from the muscles and fascia and is recommended by Doctors and Chiropractors for:
Relief of pain
Improved circulation and lymphatic drainage
Improved joint mobility
Sprains/strains/muscle spasms
Back and neck pain
Carpal tunnel
Muscle rehabilitation
Respiratory conditions
Tennis/golf elbow